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Garbage City - Manshiet Nasr, Cairo, Egypt - 2006
Manshiet Nasr is the largest squatter area in Cairo, populated mostly by Zabbaleen, trash collectors, who emigrated from rural Egypt in the 1950s due to heavy drought.
More than half a million people live in the area, which suffers from poor living and environmental conditions, inadequate services, and lack of infrastructure. The Zabbaleen recycles more around 80% of the garbage they collect from greater Cairo. An extremely high percentage of the children suffer from respiratory illnesses, diarrhea, and infectious diseases. Forty-nine percent of the inhabitants have intestinal parasites.
Boy on a rooftop, overview of the garbage city in Manchiet Nasr.
Pigs and garbage.
A family working with plastic in the streets.
Men playing domino in a cafe.
Workers loading truck with garbage.
Head of a doll.
A man reading his newspaper.
A boy in the streets of the garbage city.
A group of boys and young men resting in their home in the garbage city of Manchiet Nasr. These workers make around 25-30 egyptian pounds a week. They sleep 15 persons in...
In the streets of the garbage city.
Oumer is 25 years old and working with plastic in a small factory in the garbage city of Manchiet Nasr. He is married and have one child. He works 10 hours a day, 6 days ...
Workers having a lunchbreak, tuna, olive and bread.
Methat, 19, is taking a shower after work.
Woman on rooftop baking bread.
Yong boys playing football in the streets of the garbage city.
A woman giving water to her pigs.
Family taking the bride's things to her husbands house after wedding.
Magdy is getting married to his wife in the garbage city.
A cow is butchered in the streets for Magdys wedding party.
Methat, 19, showing his tatoo of Jesus.
Workers granulating plastic garbage.
Woman sitting outside her home.
Boys in the streets of the garbage city.