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Many things has happened

Many things has happened, and I have decided to work as much as possible on my project on death rituals; Dead and Alive.

During the next few days, I will update this homepage with tearsheets and information about the process. Stay tuned ;-)

Dying Images

On April 4th 2014 I participated in the event Dying Images at the National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst) with images that was only shown once and then deleted forever.

Dying images was a photographic art event curated by Rasmus Skjoldan.

Participating photographers
Jacob Aue Sobol, Magnum Photos
Henrik Saxgren
Kajsa Gullberg
Klaus Bo
Ture Andersen
Maria Franck

Rituals of Death in Nepal

Back from photographing Rituals of Death in Nepal. A part of my long term project about death rituals from around the world. A 10 weeks amazing adventure.


Nikolaj Hübbe

Just photographed Nikolaj Hübbe at the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen. A hectic 30 minutes shoot..



Just photographed danish journalist and author Karen Thisted in her summerhouse for EKSTRA!

Still working on my homepage..

Most stories are uploaded. A few more to come though. Portraits are uploaded. More singles and tearsheets to come in the near future, and soon my bio will be completed with exhibitions and books. But.. Spend some time looking around and feel free to send me a comment on

Work in progress..

Uploading stories.. Singles will come soon..


Started working on my updated homepage..